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Reflexology Sessions Huddersfield

Initial Assessments are 90 minutes and include:

  • Education on the principles of Reflexology
  • Full medical history discussion
  • Blood Pressure check where applicable
  • Initial Foot Map
  • Essential Oils blended to suit client
  • 60 minute Reflexology Session
  • Discussion of findings during or after treatment

Subsequent appointments are 60 minutes and include:

  • Blood Pressure check where applicable
  • Essential Oils blended to suit client
  • 50 minute Reflexology Session
  • Discussion of findings during or after treatment

Reflex/Hypno sessions

Julie combines both reflexology and hypnotherapy to create specific protocols to suit her clients. They prove effective in cases of stress, sleep disorders and pain management. Reflex/Hypno sessions are only available after an initial assessment reflexology appointment. During this appointment Julie will discuss the presenting issue and will decide if reflex/hypno is appropriate for the client. As with a standard reflexology session the initial assessment is 90 minutes and subsequent sessions 60 minutes.

Spinal Reflexology

Performed on the feet this powerful reflexology treatment works directly on the spinal reflexes found on the arches of the feet. It can be particularly helpful treating persistent conditions. Spinal reflexology is often combined within a standard session, but if a client presents with a specific persistent condition Julie may recommend subsequent "spinal only" reflexology sessions. A standard initial appointment of 90 minutes is required and can be followed by sessions of either 60 minutes or 30 minutes depending on the presenting conditions.

Auricular (Ear) Reflexology

Auricular Reflexology can be effective on persistent conditions,when combined with Foot or Hand Reflexology. It can be particularly effective for pain relief and to combat joint stiffness.

Medicinal seeds can be placed over specific points on and in the ear to reinforce a treatment session and to allow the client to self treat. 

Reflexology in the Workplace

Stress is the main trigger of most modern illnesses and is reported to affect 60% of the working population. Julie is working closely with a number of companies that are looking for ways to reduce staff sickness and absenteeism which can affect productivity and have financial implications for businesses. 

Booking Reflexology Sessions

For more information on availability and pricing please contact Julie on 07940883308 Please be aware she may be with a client and may not be able to answer immediately.

Alternatively complete the call back form and Julie will call you to discuss your requirements.


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