About Herbalife

Herbalife for a Healthy Happy LifestyleHerbalife is the worlds leading weight loss and nutritional company that is committed to excellence and provides high quality, safe and effective procducts backed by sound nutritional science and research.


It is NOT just about weight loss. Herbalife is a way of life and allows you to discover better nutrition, use products to help support your body and encourages you to promote a healthy active lifestyle while giving you the support you need to achieve your goals.


Its personal care products include skin and hair products to help promote younger looking skin by refreshing, hydrating and nourishing the skin, and Herbal Aloe strengthens and repairs hair leaving it soft and silky.

Herbalife are the proud Global Nutrition Partner to top athletes around the world including international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.


My Story.

"at our age we have to accept that we will have a muffin top"

This is part of a conversation between me and a friend while we were chatting, drinking lattes and eating cake! Initially my reaction was to agree with her but then a voice in my head yelled "NO WAY" I decided then and there to do something about it. But what? I'd never dieted and didn't want to loose weight only to put it all back on. I wanted a change to my lifestyle. A few days later I bumped into Laura my friend and work colleague. She had lost weight, inches and looked fantastic and she told me about Herbalife.I wanted to know more before starting it and went along to a Herbalife event with her to listen and learn about the products and to hear other peoples stories.

On 13th May 2013 I started Herbalife weighing 10st 1lb. and by the end of 2013 was 9st 3lb. My energy levels are great, my clothes fit well and the muffin top has almost gone. The healthy shakes fit easily into my lifestyle and if anything make my life much easier. I rarely feel hungry and when special occasions come along I enjoy myself and find it quick and easy to get back on track.

When family and friends started telling me how good I looked and asked what I was doing I decided to become a Herbalife distributor allowing me to offer the products and services through Heart and Soles.


The Service I Offer

FREE no obligation wellness evaluation

In the comfort of my therapy room I will discuss the changes you want to make, what constitues good nutrition, identify any areas of concern and propose the appropriate changes to yor diet and lifestyle. Weights and measurements will be taken and products will be discussed.

Weekly Weigh In.

Each week for at least 6 weeks you will be weighed and measured to monitor your progress. If a weekly food log is being kept it will be discussed and evaluated. I am there to advise, encourage and to keep you updated with any new products or services that become available.


I encourage all my clients to start or increase their excercise routine. Group walks can be arranged and during the better weather there is a FREE fit club held in Greenhead park open to people of all levels of fitness.





"we're choosing HypnoBirthing to give our baby the best start in life"














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